Alfa Valvole guarantees safety in drug research and development

Alfa Valvole has been operating in the pharmaceutical industry for many years, placing the quality of its valves at the service of innovation and scientific research.

The pharmaceutical world has high and restrictive safety standards, which must be respected by all the supply chain components. The repetitiveness of the processes also requires the highest levels of precision and reliability, which Alfa Valvole guarantees thanks to the excellent operational standards and compatibility with every fluid treated.

Some of the most important and influential pharmaceutical manufacturers, with offices throughout Italy, are among our customers and choose Alfa Valvole for the reliability of its products.
The focus on a sustainable and ethical development, innovation, the creation of solutions to further ameliorate the patients living are important values for our customers. For us, who support them in this mission, these values become essential pillars.

The versatility of our valves allows their use in the research and development, production and marketing of medical devices such as antibiotics, contrast fluids and biopharmaceuticals. These products are then destined for a wide variety of sectors including neurology, psychiatry, cardiology, immunology and oncology.
For the pharmaceutical sector, Alfa Valvole produces wafer type valves, entirely produced in cast stainless steel (ASTM A351 CF8M) or bar (ASTM A479 316 / 316L), 100% tested, PED certified. All valves can be customized with accessories such as double seal extension, chevron ring, double sealing extension.