Alfa Valvole today

Italian know-how and worldwide distribution


ALFA Valvole has been manufacturing high quality industrial ball valves since 1971. Everyday ALFA Valvole produces branded industrial ball valves, thanks to its 10-year-long know-how and the support of its highly specialized staff: about 100 employers, including sellers and project managers, application engineers and technicians. At Casorezzo – within the Milan area – the ALFA Valvole team works in a 20,000 square meters industrial building, provided with the most innovative machineries, automated manufacturing lines and equipments. In particular, ALFA Valvole is specialized in producing check ball valves, for any fluid control.


ALFA Valvole offers ball valves in a wide variety of materials, such as carbon steel, stainless steel and special alloys.

Configurations of ALFA valves


With floating ball


Trunnion mounted

Double block and bleed

Trunnion mounted

3 way balls

Who does ALFA Valvole manufacture for

ALFA Valvole produces for engineering firms, which manufacture plants for a wide variety of industries and markets: for food and cosmetic companies, for detergent and pharmaceutical product companies. For power plants and for the steel companies working for the Oil & Gas industry. Among ALFA Valvole main clients and customers, we can mention the firms manufacturing heating/air conditioning plants, as well as chemical and oil plants.
Besides all these applications, ALFA Valvole manufactures for the marine industry, for the railway transport, for the offshore and oil rigs. ALFA Valvole stands out worldwide as one of the most reputable companies, for all the firms requiring high level supply standards. This is due to: the quality of the materials and manufacturing of its valves, the reliability of their testing process and ALFA Valvole several certifications.

Oil and gas

Marine industry


Power plants


Railway transport


Manouvre systems

ALFA valves are provided with different manouvre systems: either manual or servo-operated. In case there is a worker manually operating within the plant, valves are equipped either with hand levers or gear operators; whereas in case of automated and remote control, valves are equipped with different actuators: mainly pneumatic and electric ones.