High quality standards and certifications of excellence

ALFA Valvole in the chemical sector

For almost 50 years, ALFA Valvole has stood out in the market of industrial ball valves for fluid control. The high quality manufacturing is combined with the versatility of the valves produced, whose range varies in different construction types including Floating (floating ball), Trunnion (guided ball), Double Block and Bleed (D.B.B.) and 3-way valves. The materials with which ALFA Valvole produces ball valves are different and range from carbon steel to stainless steel, up to special alloys.

With the aim of expanding its already consolidated presence in the chemical sector, ALFA Valvole has decided to undertake targeted interventions through business processing mapping to make its customer support increasingly effective.
The goal is to identify the processes in which ALFA Valvole can make a difference and provide specific products designed for the various process stages, accompanied by all the necessary certifications.

To date, for the Chlorine Soda process, ALFA Valvole produces flanged valves ALFA 68 with special face to face in accordance with DIN 3202-1 F1 (equivalent to EN558-1 series 1) both from bar and cast.

Experience and international distribution. ALFA Valvole keep up with innovation and is present all over the world, thanks to a widespread network of distributors and qualified agents. Its excellent know-how has been acquired over a long history of investing in dedicated energy and resources. These characteristics allow the company to respond to every geographical and sectoral need.