History of excellence from 1971


ALFA Valvole 50th anniversary is cooming soon

At ALFA Valvole a gradual automation process of the production lines is currently underway; innovative machineries and equipments – timed with the new management and warehouse system – are being introduced. According to the Lean Manufacturing principles, the company goal is to make ball valve manufacturing even more efficient and traceable.


ALFA Valvole joins IDEX Corporation

ALFA Valvole joins the IDEX Corporation: a U.S. international company, listed on the New York Stock Exchange. IDEX is a corporation made of 70 worldwide spread different firms, which have in common their advanced and highly engineered industrial production.


Extension of ALFA Valvole product range

ALFA Valvole broads the range of its products, including metal seat ball valves, for high temperatures up to 800°C, and 4,500 Cl (PN 720). ALFA Valvole therefore extends its production to ball valves used in critical operating conditions.


New plant opening

At Casorezzo a brand new plant opens; it is 20,000 square meters large, with a in-house testing laboratory. Here ALFA Valvole does raw materials strict tests as well as non-destructive tests. Thanks to its advanced and highly competitive industrial plant, ALFA Valvole stands out as one of the best ball valve international companies, being able to receive large orders, from worldwide plant engineering firms.


Plant enlargement and beginning of valve international selling

ALFA Valvole widens its industrial building, updating machinery and equipments to further ensure the quality of its products, in order to guarantee customers and end-users. At the same time the expansion process of ALFA Valvole distribution network starts spreading beyond the national borders.


The establishment of ALFA Valvole

ALFA Valvole was founded in Casorezzo (Milan). Here it started to exclusively manufacture high quality industrial ball valves, as one of the first firms in Italy.